***Helpful knowledge for individuals who have never purchased or used a roll up type mat and unsure of the differences. Aqua Stack Mats are the Next Generation of Floating Mats. 

How does water drain out of the mats?

The PATENTED- INSTANT DRAIN MATS, have a heavy duty nylon mesh that covers the entire bottom and sides of each mat.
Water instantly drains and cannot be trapped when pulled out.

I already own an older Aqua Stack Mat with a different fabric design. Can I update it to the Instant Drain Fabric?

Answer - YES! Replacement Fabric is available for purchase.  Simply unzip, remove the old fabric and put the now one on.  
Replacement Fabrics will fit "most all generations" of Middle Mats. Due to variances at the factory level, some foam may be slightly longer/shorter. If the foam is longer than the fabric, the end user may need to trim excess foam to fit. 
We are not responsible for any mis-cutting/measuring.

The New Replacement Anchor mat fabric will not fit older anchor mats that were designed to have hard plastic grommets.  The grommet holes will not line up properly with the new fabric.
If your anchor mat originally came with the soft, pliable grommets already installed, the new fabric will fit.

Do I have to Zip and Unzip all zippers every time?

Answer - No! In order to Bi-Fold the mats, you will only use the top and bottom of every other mat's zipper. 
Yellow Zipper Pulls are provided, simply zip or unzip only the zipper with the yellow pull, mats will bifold or zip close. 

Example - A 12' Long Mat will have 3 topside zippers zipped and 2 bottom side zippers.   

The Mat Groups comes with bright yellow Zipper Pulls.  These pulls take the guess work out of it for you. Just zip/unzip the yellow zipper pulls to bi-fold the mats.

If you are an existing Stack Mat Owner, you can also place a zipper pull through your existing zippers to identify the zippers to pull. This can be purchased by yourself or through us.

I already own a roll up mat, but it's a pain to use and my children cannot roll it back up on their own?

Answer - Customers who have dock access are now leaving their roll up mat on the dock since they are so bulky and leaving the Aqua Stack Mat on the boat all summer since they are easy to store and remove from the water.
There is also no need to dry the mats out, with the New Full Mesh Bottom and sides design, they will naturally air dry on their own. The marine grade material and foam will not mildew or smell. 

What is the thickness of the foam?

Answer - The foam is 1 1/2" thick. We chose this thickness since it keeps people floating above the water line but allows water to flow onto the mats when moving around and swimmers will get wet. It's water mat! 
This is the same type of foam that the roll mats are made from, just made in a modular version.  The flotation and buoyancy are the same compare to roll mats that are 1 1/2" thick.  

There is nothing special about closed cell foams from all manufactures or how many layers they have. It is the thickness of the foam.  Roll mats will vary from 1 1/2" thick to over 2" thick depending upon the manufacture.
It all depends upon what you want out of your floating mat....If you wish to sit on a lawn chair above the water, then 2" + thick roll mat is what you need. Remember, you will need to roll up that 2" mat which will become very heavy, large and bulky. 

If you want a mat to float on that is both easy to place and remove quickly from the water and store compactly, the Aqua Stack Mat is your solution.

How do you clean the mats?

Answer - The fabric is a heavy duty, marine grade, outdoor nylon material. Scrub them with mild soap & water. Mats air dry

How much weight can a mat hold?

Answer - The inner foam is the same type of closed cell foam that the roll mats are, but made in a modular form.  One individual mat can hold a 200# person but when multiple mats are secured together, the overall weight is distributed depending upon the length. A 12' mat can typically hold 6 -7 adults comfortably depending upon their size and how close you want all of these sweaty people lying next to you....

How do the zippers hold up? Can we jump on the mats?

Answer - Common sense applies to this question.....Roll Mats are already known to Split over time from constant cannonballs jumped from boat or docks.  
Both types of mats are not made to be trampolines, but can withstand some jumping from children. Consistent jumping will prematurely wear out the mats especially from adults and this is not covered by warranty.
The Great News?! - Each Stack mat is repairable/replaceable, you can purchase new fabric as needed, roll up mats cannot be repaired after they split. 

Stack Mat zippers are large in size with an extra large handle, making them easy to zip and unzip. Zippers are double stitched to the fabric for added protection.  Since the mats have zippers at the top and bottom, this doubles their strength to absorb the weight of children jumping. Each mat also comes with a zipper locking strap that which attaches all the zippers heads together so they cannot unzip.

The mats are designed for people to lay on them in the water, also providing compact storage and the ease to place and remove them from the water easily.

When both the top and bottom zippers are zipped closed, the mats will not flex and children are able to run, jump off of, do cartwheels and roll around the mats easily just like a roll mat.

What is the warranty?

Answer - One Year Warranty from the date of purchase for manufacturing defects only.  Excludes fading, tearing, ripping of fabric or split seams due to towing, jumping from excessive force 

Can we pull or tow the mats?

Answer - No, the mats are made to lay or lounge on, they are not to be towed behind any motorized item.

Are the mats repairable?

Answer - Yes, all components of the mats can be replaced. This is an added benefit, if one mat is damaged, it has not compromised the rest of the mat group.  
Once a roll mat splits or the anchor has pulled out from the foam, they are useless.

Why Three Anchor Points on the Anchor Mat?

Answer - This keeps the mat in a straight position from the boat or dock so it is not swinging from side to side like the roll mats are known to do with a single anchor point.  The heavy duty plastic grommets will not pull out from the foam and you can use your own boat lines, bungee cords etc in different lengths and sizes to secure the anchor mat in place.

With Aqua Stack Mats, you can also place a Reverse Anchor  Mat at the opposite end of the mats if you need to secure it between two locations or drop an anchor at one end in a cove area.

Will the fabric fade?

Answer - The fabric is a heavy duty marine grade but is susceptible to the outdoor elements. The possibility of fading can occur and is not covered by warranty. 
Replacement fabrics are available for purchase.

What if I want a mat that is longer than 12' long?

Answer - The most requested length is 12' long.  We have chose this as our Mat Group Starter Length.  
If you want a longer mat, simply "Add -A- Mat" and purchase as many individual mats as you need to reach your desired length.

The other benefit to the 12' length mat group is that you can adjust it to a smaller lengths - 6', 8', 10' you do not have to use the same 12' of mat all the time depending upon what your activities are for the day.