FORWARD ANCHOR FABRIC COVER Replacement- Forward Anchor Mat
Fabric Only FORWARD Anchor Mat

FORWARD ANCHOR FABRIC COVER Replacement- Forward Anchor Mat

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Part Number: FABFAM


Replacement FORWARD Anchor Mat Fabric Panel  (NO FOAM)

(Does Not fit Middle Mats or Reverse Anchor Mats)

Most all components of the Aqua Stack Mats can be replaced due to damage or to upgrade to a newer generation fabric design.

Fabric panels are similar to a slip cover. Simply unzip the old fabric, remove and install the new one.

***Anchor Mat Grommets must be removed before removing/adding new fabric. Press the soft, pliable plastic grommet in half and twist out.

***This fabric will not fit older generation anchor mats with hard plastic grommets that are secured to the mat. 

Quick Tip - Place the foam between your arms or legs and slightly press it into a "U" shape to loosen the fabric tension. The fabric will slide on / off easily.

***One Year Warranty for manufacturing defects only.  Excludes fabric fading, tearing, ripping of fabric or split seams due to towing, jumping from excessive force

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