Aqua Stack Mats are designed by a 4th generation Family owned Business that are avid boaters at Lake of the Ozarks, a fresh water lake and the salty gulf waters of Florida. 

Personally owning a 14' Roll Up mat the past 7 years, they understand and experience the joys of these mats but also the problems: 
Too large, bulky, hard to move / store, need multiple people to roll and remove from the water, etc..  When the solid piece of foam on the roll mats split or the small single anchor point pulls out, 
the entire mat is compromised and unusable / repairable. 

The Aqua Stack Mat is a Modular Mat that Customizes to Everyone's boating lifestyle.  The 1 3/4" thick, inner foam core is the same type of foam as the roll mats and provides the same flotation and buoyancy. 
Aqua Stack Mats are length adjustable, which can be used in many applications and can fit in all boat sizes.  

This next generation of floating mat can mix and match colors and offers a heavy duty 3 point anchor mat that can be attached at one or both ends of the mat. 

Each mat is 6' wide x 2' long - Pick your overall length for the day - 4', 6', 12', 14' + just keep adding a mat!
*Use on a dock to sunbathe, take a nap or the front of the boat as a sun pad
*Use at the Beach to lay on, do beach yoga or float
*Use as a temporary dock for paddle boards, kayaks, etc
*Great for Dogs! The heavy duty outdoor fabric cover will save the life of the foam from getting scratched up.

COMING SOON!   ***The Aqua Drink Mat Arrives May 2018***