Click On Pics To See The Differences

Click On Pics To See The Differences

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NEW - 2019 INSTANT DRAINAGE MATS Available May 2019!!

Completely Modular - You choose how you want to customize the mats to your boating and swimming lifestyle

After viewing the attached pictures, the Differences and Benefits of Aqua Stack Mat compared to All Roll Mats - The Choice is Clear!

Below are well known problems with the Roll Mats:

1.  ROLL MAT PROBLEM SAFETY - Per attached pictures - Roll mats roll back up in the water. This is a Safety Hazard for all, especially small children.

Solution - Stack Mats are flat, individual sheets of foam. They cannot roll up when the top & bottom zippers are closed which stabilizes the mats forcing them to stay in a flat position.

2.  ROLL MAT PROBLEM Large Size / Bulky Storage - Roll mats are big and cumbersome, especially the 2"+ thick roll mats. You cannot roll them up in the water and it is hard to roll them on the ground or behind a boat with no swim platform. The rolled diameter becomes larger over time when people are tired or trying to roll by themselves. They take up large amounts of storage on boats, docks, condos or garages

Solution - Aqua Stack Mats are 1 1/2" thick, individual panels, that stay the same shape and size. They are easily carried at your side with a Shoulder Strap and can store compactly in many areas or can be split up for very small spaces.

3.  ROLL MAT PROBLEM Poor Anchor Design - Roll mats have one anchor point. Most are small and pulls out of the foam easily. Roll mats do not stay in position and swing from side to side due to the singular anchor point. Mats move into the other boater's water space when tied up and most people are shoving the roll mats back to the owner's boat away from them.

Solution #1 - Aqua Stack Mats have a dedicated Anchor Mat with (3 qty) heavy duty Anchor Points.  Mats stay in position and in a straight line behind the boat or dock. The heavy duty plastic grommet allows for multiple types and sizes of boat lines or bungee cords to secure the mat in place. Boats with a swim platforms that are high out of the water can securely attach the anchor mat with it's three grommets and let it hang over the platform and into the water laying like a ramp allowing people or dogs to climb out of the water.  

Solution #2 - Anchor Mats can also be placed at Both Ends of the Mat Group if the mats need to be anchored between two objects.

Solution #3 - Great for V Hull Sport Boats with high or no swim platforms.  Lay the Anchor mat on top of the engine hatch. Secure your bungee cords to the cleats or railing at both sides of the boat. Let the mat fall into the water like a ramp. Works great for dogs and kids to crawl in and out of these types of boats that do not have a rear swim ladder. 

4.  ROLL MAT PROBLEM One Pre-Set Length - Roll mats cannot adjust their size. The end user is stuck with the same, one size every day with no options.

Solution - Aqua Stack Mats are Modular! You choose the Length of mat you want for the day's activities. Big boat, small boat, swimming off dock or sunbathing at the front of the boat, ADD or REMOVE as many mats as you like to adjust the overall length.

5. ROLL MAT PROBLEM Generic - Roll mats are pieces of foam that come in one or two colors and they all look the same. There is no value or benefit as to how many layers there are. Its the overall thickness of the foam that determines what flotation you want. 

Solution - Aqua Stack Mats are completely Modular! We chose a 1 1/2" foam which keeps you afloat but let's you get wet also. Let your Personality choose your water mat! Pick your color, Mix & Match colors

6. ROLL MAT PROBLEM NON Repairable & Replaceable - Roll mats are single pieces of foam, there are no repair kits to fix them when the foam splits out or when Dog's nails dig into the foam or gets chewed up leaving it cracked & cut open. This also scratches human skin when laying on the mats over time.

Solution - Every part of Aqua Stack Mats can be individually replaced if it ever gets damaged.  If a raccoon or dog chews the heavy duty outdoor fabric over time, simply purchase new fabric only. Since each mat is individual, the entire mat is not compromised if one mat is damaged.

"Washable" - Aqua Stack Mat Fabrics are Machine washable or can be scrubbed w/ mild soap and brush. Great as a Doggie Pee Pad!

AQUA STACK MATS can be purchased as a Complete Group or Individually.

** Complete Mat Groups - 

12' Length Mat / 2qty Buckle Straps / 2qty Carabiners / 2qty Bungee Cords / Shoulder Strap

A 12' mat gives you the option to make it smaller (4', 6', 8' length etc) by removing mats.  Need a longer mat? Add A Mat! Easily make a 12' mat longer by adding additional mats as needed. 

** Individual Parts - All Parts and Pieces can be purchased individually

Want a 6' Mat? Purchase an Anchor Mat and Add Two Mats (Anchor or Middle Mat)

Want a 16' Mat? Purchase the 12' Mat Group and Add Two Mats (Anchor or Middle Mat) to equal overall length of 16' foot.