***CLEARANCE***RED REVERSE Anchor Mat (Foam And Fabric)
Reverse Anchor Mat (Fabric And Foam)

***CLEARANCE***RED REVERSE Anchor Mat (Foam And Fabric)

Part Number: XXXRAM2022-2


REVERSE ANCHOR MAT  - (Fabric And Foam)

**This anchor mat attaches at the opposite end of the mat, the attaching zipper will be on the left side and the grommets are on the right side. 

CLEARANCE / FINAL SALE ITEM - Last remaining quantities of older generation designed fabrics.

These are perfect for dog mats, pond, rivers, lakes, park a kayak, scuba gear or sup board on etc. Final sale, no return or warranty 

Add a second Anchor Mat to secure your Stack Mat at both ends and/or to increase the mat's overall length

Great for docking Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle boards, Canoes, Scuba Diving Tanks etc...(Example: To order a 6' long mat - 1qty Forward and Reverse Anchor Mat and 1qty Middle Mat)

Each Anchor Mat is 2' Long x 6' Wide with 3 qty grommet anchor points on one side. 

 **Due to size limitations and costs presented by UPS, this item will ship folded into thirds inside each box. 

Once zipped, the foam mats will flatten out during usage or the sun's heat over time.

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