Aqua Drink Mat

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Stop floating in the water with your arms in the air holding your drink out of the water!

Relax your arms on ultra-soft foam while your drink sits protected in its own drink holder. 
Great for all water - Pools, Lakes, Ocean, Cove Out behind the Boat or Relaxing at the Dock  

A 5" long mesh beverage holder will accommodate up to a large 20oz  stainless type tumbler.  

The 24" wide mat diameter will stabilize your drink from tipping over in the water.  
The half moon indention allows the mat to nestle up to the swimmer's body. 

In deep waters, enjoy all the benefits floating on a noodle or water saddle while relaxing your arms or leaning against the Aqua Drink Mat, keeping your drink in a safe place. In shallow pools and sand bars, enjoy "bellying up" to your own personal floating bar.
***Due to Covid-19 - Purchases are a final sale and not returnable***
OPTIONAL - Each mat comes with a removable, adjustable velcro wrist band so your drink mat will never Float away when you let go of the mat.