The Zipper Pull will click and lock into place when it is flat, facing the rear of the zipper head.

Zipper is unlocked if the zipper pull is vertical or laying towards the front of the zipper head. 

Zipper Locked Zipper Unlocked Zipper Unlocked


In the water – Unzip the top and bottom zipper of Every, Other Panel (unzip top zipper, next panel- unzip bottom zipper, next panel- unzip top zipper)

Fastest Method - 2 people: 1 at each side unzips zipper midway on the mat, the person at the other side pulls the zipper completely to unzip.  1 person can unzip mats midway at one side, then move the other side and finish unzipping. Mats will now Bi-Fold.    

Bi-Fold mats in the water and remove Or Bi-Fold mats as you pull them out of the water onto a swim platform or dock. 

DRAINAGE POCKETS - SLIGHTLY TILT the mats toward the mesh drainage pockets and any water will drain out.  **If your generation of mat does not have drainage pockets- Simply unzip the side zippers a couple inches, tilt towards the zipper and water drains and allows air flow to dry.

You can float on the mats if the top & bottom zippers are not both zipped, this will allow flexing. 

To achieve a solid, non-flexing mat - Both top and bottom zippers need to be zipped closed.

SINGLE STACKED MATS - Simply unzip each mat panel individually from the others in the water or as you pull them out of the water and stack them individually.

FABRIC INSTALLATION – Slide the fabric onto the foam and zip closed. Or place the foam between your legs and gently squeeze into a “U” shape. The fabric will slide onto the foam easily.

FABRIC REMOVAL – Unzip the end zipper and slide the fabric off the foam core.

FABRIC CARE – If the water resistant, heavy duty material has been soiled, clean with a mild soap/water and soft brush or remove fabric from the foam and machine wash on Delicate. Air Dry. 

Personalize Your Mats – ADD your boat/family name/company logo to your mats.   We can Heat Seal your design onto your fabric for a custom look. Simply remove the fabric from the foam core and ship to us. 2 week lead time.