FABRIC Replacement For Middle Mat "Choose Your Color"

FABRIC Replacement For Middle Mat "Choose Your Color"

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Discounted Price on Beach Beige and Flamingo Pink
Part Number:FABRIC Replacement For Middle Mats "Choose Your Color"

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Replacement Fabric Panels for the Middle Mats - Fabric Only - No Foam

Simply unzip your current fabric, remove from the foam core and replace with the new one.  Change up your colors, replace fabric from ruined from dog nails or pee pads.

DISCOUNTED / OVERSTOCK FABRIC FOR - Flamingo Pink and Beach Beige $25.00 Each

THESE COLORS SOLD OUT UNTIL April 2018 - Black, Lime Green, Tropical Orange

Fastest way to add fabric onto a foam core is to place the foam between your legs lengthwise and slightly bend it into a "U" Shape.
Slip the fabric on and keep sliding the foam and fabric at the same time 

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